Traduzione di SARAH MAZZETTI

why are you crying Mr. DDD? / Look at me! /
I can not grab anything! / I'm suffering! /

When i'm thirsty i have to jump in the river an swallow as much water as i can... /
I can't use cups! / and because i can't swim, i have to rely on the current to bring
me back to shore / And then sink my face into the mud to eat it.

That's quite a problem! /
But wait a moment / Yes? / Have you ever tried to grab things with your  toes? /
What are toes? / The toes of your feet! Feet! / You have four of them! /
Oh, you mean my shoes!

No! Your feet! They are inside your shoes! / AAAAAAAAAH ! That's gross! /
So you never took your shoes off ? / No, i thought they were part of my body! /
Do you want to try it? / Is it painful? /Of course not! /
Ready? / Yes.

This is not a foot! But... / Let's take them all off!

You thought to have four legs / And instead you have four arms! /
You will be the greatest grabber of all time! / Yeah! /
Thank you Rufolo Buonpan! From now on when i'll grab
things i will think of you! /
Goodbye DDD!


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