Traduzione di SARAH MAZZETTI

why are you crying Mr. DDD? / Look at me! /
I can not grab anything! / I'm suffering! /

When i'm thirsty i have to jump in the river an swallow as much water as i can... /
I can't use cups! / and because i can't swim, i have to rely on the current to bring
me back to shore / And then sink my face into the mud to eat it.

That's quite a problem! /
But wait a moment / Yes? / Have you ever tried to grab things with your  toes? /
What are toes? / The toes of your feet! Feet! / You have four of them! /
Oh, you mean my shoes!

No! Your feet! They are inside your shoes! / AAAAAAAAAH ! That's gross! /
So you never took your shoes off ? / No, i thought they were part of my body! /
Do you want to try it? / Is it painful? /Of course not! /
Ready? / Yes.

This is not a foot! But... / Let's take them all off!

You thought to have four legs / And instead you have four arms! /
You will be the greatest grabber of all time! / Yeah! /
Thank you Rufolo Buonpan! From now on when i'll grab
things i will think of you! /
Goodbye DDD!


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Traduzione di ELENA BIAGI
Jonny Pelvis here it is,made like this:
got four shoes still don't know if they hide
some feet or not!

I'm big Pompeius Guido and i'd like to be the Divo
i'm just the chief of my hat 'cause i get respect from that!
But one day it flew away it was hard to find again.

I'm Laura Hittingstraw i do not love the discord
i prefer to wait it for if you hurt yourself alone!

My name is "Arrow-nose".
I'd like to be on my own.
But you all stare at me for my peculiarities!

My surname is Uprighttits and to make you prank with it
i let them to be like this,
the upright tits belong to me!

Come back later, could you please!
Eight more hours i will sleep!
If you're back and i'm still asleep come back later,
could you please!
Eight more hours i will sleep!

You keep calling me "My darling"
 but if i kill me this morning
would you cry a little bit to remember of me,

Mr Mert is my name.I break arrows for disdain.
I don't like to be tough.


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